Team of
We are a team of professionals
We resolve customer issues as our own. We are not focused only at the timing and the best result, but also at the minimum of unnecessary efforts from the client side.
We really love what we do. We get our inspiration from the desire to be proud of our work.
Our clients are our friends and partners. We do not overload they with technical details and always find a solution.
Operative team
Passionate about the result
Our task is - to shoot the best material without missing time and materials. We do not count estimates 'from the head'.
We love to invent! In our team are both, pure visionaries and sane critics who assess ideas for their viability.
We take on urgent projects with self-confidence that all will be done in tame.
Optimal budgets
Urgent projects
What we are believe
We are a team of professionals who have gone together more than one project. We can rely completely on each other to solve even unexpected problems.
Julia Rudenko
She seems as a beautiful, smiling girl ... Yes, she is, only the girl externally, inside she is, the Lioness of her business.
Nothing is impossible for her! She collects what is not collected, for to do what no one has done before. In general she does all according to the plan, to go without fear, and most importantly, with the result and with pleasure - this is just about her.
With love, Rudenko Julia, marketer, client, friend.
I cant to describe this person. He is a genius! No exaggeration. He knows everything, and even more. There Isn't second such, but it's a pity, sometimes we want to clone him, this is in the plans ☺ I absolutely trust him in work. But is one moment, he always has a lot of work! But timing is our everything, and over the years of working together, we have honed all the little things.

Thank you for being with us! I don't know how I can be without you. Dot.
General Producer in JT-production
I met Lesha 12 years ago, and then I understood that our friendship will for a long time. Yes, we are friends. During this time, Lesha got 2 angels, whom he was waiting so much, we went through a lot together, a lot has changed, but punctuality, diligence, creativity, the ability to cope with the most difficult task ... everything remained in our Lesha.

Love you.
About team with love
Brand manager Client
Julia Titarenko
Julia Titarenko
General Producer in JT-production
Volodya Dovbnya
Art Director
Alexey Evdokimenko

Sound engineer, Music composer
General Producer in JT-production
Julia Titarenko
Young, naughty, creative, flexible and responsive, executive and eager to learn! And he learns! I think we'll grow one more operator :)

'Always READY!' - here is our Nikita :)
General Producer in JT-production
Julia Titarenko
Nikita Backstage
Backstage Photographer
He is, Dima, but everyone knows him like Mitya.
Mitya' s work is staged videos, when sparks from a grinder in rapid speed to the camera... How is he not afraid to fly on this cart under these sparks, he is afraid nothing? But, only one thing is afraid him that equipment can be crushed!
When Mitya is behind the camera, the most difficult shooting becomes the easiest. He approves Each shot with the director, and defends his opinion with dignity. He is deep into every project. Mitya - is commercials of any complexity, Mitya - is a movie, Mitya - is clips. Mitya is our common love.

Many years together, many shifts together. Will be!
Dmitry Koptilny
Video Operator (DoP)
General Producer in JT-production
Julia Titarenko
Her last name says it all.

And also: to build a workshop at the service station in one night, in which there is a Christmas tree made of bottles (280 pieces), 25 people on the site at 8.00 turn, and everything is there! The location is ready, customers have no comments!

And also, Masha is the kindest girl on the planet, she is always in a good mood, and there are no problems. She always has a pen with her and a notebook, she is always ready to write, even if the script was changed 4 times in the evening, and we shoot tomorrow (and this happens)

'Masha, this wall is empty ... we need to fill it. 1 minute to think, and in an hour there is a 4mX4m installation, which after changing hands does not rise to disassemble, it is so beautiful. Well ... and a lot of other magic. You are forever in my heart and our team☺
I love you!
General Producer in JT-production
Julia Titarenko
Production designer
When there is a task from a client:
'Yulia, here is a video, we do not know how we got it, and who filmed it ... but it must be edited very beautifully! Olya mounts 'very beautifully' :)

And it is, really, very beautiful! Operational, always "live". And also, Olya, mother of 3 children, Labrador Bucks, a tortoise and a cat. Well, and the wonderful wife of her husband Vova (aka Director :)

I swear I don't understand when she has time to do this ☺
Olga Zolotar
Film editor
General Producer in JT-production
Julia Titarenko
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